Yudai Kamisato

A director and playwright born in 1982 in Peru and based in Japan.
He creates works with the theme of migration and crossing borders based on the episodes he collects while visiting various places. In 2006, he won the first prize in the TOGA Directors Competition for his staging of Desire Caught by the Tail by Pablo Picasso. He was three times the finalist for Kishida Kunio Prize for Drama and the winner in 2018 with The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso which had premiere at Kyoto Experiment festival 2017. His works have been presented at some of the major theatre festivals in Japan and abroad. He stayed in Argentina from October 2016 to August 2017 on an overseas research grant from Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. From 2022 he is a Saison Fellow II of The Saison Foundation.

Okazaki Art Theatre

Founded in 2003 to stage the work of playwright and director Yudai Kamisato.
It staged productions at Festival/Tokyo from 2010 to 2012. It also frequently tours overseas. “Hemispherical Red and Black” was presented at Taipei Arts Festival in 2012. In 2016, “+51 Aviación San Borja” was presented at Sydney Festival in Australia, Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Belgium, and Festival d’Automne à Paris in France, and also in 2017 has a tour for some cities in Indonesia. Also “+51 Aviación San Borja” has been presented as reading in New York City , London and Seoul by each language.



“Desire caught by the tail” in Toyama *Awarded Best Director at the Toga directorsʼ competition

“When Heavy Snows Begin to Fall” in Tokyo *BeSeTo Theater Festival

“Three Siblings of Rhythm” in Tokyo

“Mr. Haircut” in Tokyo

“Old Air-Conditioner” in Tokyo *Festival/Tokyo2010

“There Is No City for Us” in Yokohama and Kyoto
“Hemispherical Red and Black” in Tokyo *Festival/Tokyo2011

“Antigone/Netorare-Sosuke” Japan tour in Yokohama and Kumamoto
Participated in “Working visit” in Germany *Berlin Biennale
“Hemispherical Red and Black” in Taiwan *Taipei Arts Festival/Taiwan
“The Absence of Neighbor Jimmy” in Tokyo *Festival/Tokyo2012)

“black coffee (not for drink)” Japan tour in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumamoto and Kagoshima
Kamisato made his debut as a novelist. “A exile ball boy” *Publisher: Shinchosha

“+51 Aviación, San Borja” Japan tour in Yokohama, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo and Sendai

“ISLA! ISLA! ISLA!” Japan tour in Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama and Mie
“+51 Aviacíon, San Borja” 2016 tour in Yokohama, Mie, Sydney Festival in Australia, Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Belgium, Festival d’Automne in France

“+51 Aviación, San Borja” Indonesia tour in Jakarta and Yogyakarta
“The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso” in Kyoto *Kyoto Experiment 2017 *Won the 62th Kishida Kunio Drama Award

Lecture Performance“A Haphazard Stranger’s Rough Report” in Kyoto, Yokohama and Okinawa
“The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso” inTokyo
“Happy Prince Fish” tour in Kyoto Experiment, Okinawa and Yokohama
“+51 Aviacíon, San Borja” tour in Mexico City, Lima

“Khao Khao Club online” *co-production with Festival Theaterformen (Germany). *It consists of three parts: Khao Khao Club.mp3 (audio), Khao Khao Club.pdf (book), and Khao Khao Club.mp4 (video).

“Ryukyu Kaidan”(Okinawan Ghost Stories) in Naha

“Immigrant Ghost Stories”Japan tour in Naha, Tokyo and Kyoto