+51 Aviación, San Borja

Playwright and direction: Yudai Kamisato
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 75min
3 Cast: Wataru Omura, Masahiko Ono, Mari Kodama
2019 tour  Miho Inatsugu, Pijin Neji, Takefumi Fukunaga

Following in the footsteps of his grandparents, who emigrated from Okinawa to Peru, Yudai researched the current situations of South America and Okinawa for his new creation.
He studied the life of the “father of Mexican Theatre,” Seki Sano, who was active before the war in Japan and fled to Mexico later, and encountered Ryoichi Jinnai, an entrepreneur who, although longing to immigrate, has chosen to stay in Japan while supporting the community of people of Japanese descent in Peru and other countries of South America. This piece explores the concept of “homeland” through the stories of people who emigrated to foreign countries in the past and died overseas, and the stories of people currently living in foreign lands. This perspective of an observer also informs us about ourselves, living in contemporary Japanese society.

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Tour in Japan  2015
Yokohama February 13th to 20th at ST spot
Kagoshima February 28th and March 1st at e-terrace
Kumamoto March 6th and 7th at Hayakawa Warehouse
Kyoto March 11th to 15th at Ex-Rissei Elementary School
Tokyo March 19th to 23rd at Tokyo NICA: Nihonbashi Institute of contemporary arts
Fukuoka May 10th at IMS HALL
Sendai May 30th and 31st at 10-BOX box-1
Sapporo July 4th and 5th at Theater Zoo

Tour 2016
Sydney January 21st to 24th at Carriageworks(Sydney Festival)
Yokohama February 6th to 8th at STspot
Brussels May 23rd to 28th at Les Brigittines(Kunstenfestivaldesarts)
Mie  July 9th and 10th at Mie Bunkakaikan small hall
Paris October 5th and 6th at Théâtre de Gennevilliers(Festival d’Automne à Paris)

Tour 2017
Jakarta September 6th and 7th at Salihara Black Box
Yogyakarta September 10th and 11th at Kedai Kebun Forum

Tour 2019
Mexico City December 13th and 14th at Teatro Benito Juárez
Lima December 19th and 20th at Alianza Francesa de Lima

New York in 2016 Direction:Sarah Hughes @Segal Theatre
Seoul in 2018 Direction:Jeong Kim @Namsan Arts Center
London in 2018 Direction:Kumiko Mendl @Marylebone Theatre

Hinako Arao
Yoshiaki Kuroo(2015),
Ryoya Fudetani(2016〜)
Masashi Wada
Technical director
Eiji Torakawa, Chizuru Kono, Keisuke Watanabe(〜March of 2016),
Ayumu Okubo(March of 2016〜)
English subtitle
Aya Ogawa
Kanon Matsumoto, Asako Yotsumoto, Mariko Furudono, Junko Uemura, Nakaba Kato and Madoka Mizutani,

Produced and Presented by Okazaki Art Theatre and precog

© all photos by Yuta Fukitsuka