© all photos by Yuta Fukitsuka

Playwright and direction: Yudai Kamisato
Premiere: 2015
Duration: 80min
5 Cast: premiere Miho Inatsugu, Tomoko Shimazaki, Kimio Taketani, Shoko Matsumura, Hanako Wada
Mie 2016 Miho Inatsugu, Endo Mai, Masahiko Ono, Kimio Taketani, Hanako Wada

What did you drop in the river, a gold human or a silver human?
Was it an indigenous or foreign species?
I fear you. One day you might skin me, auction off my hide, throw my flesh into the river, and use my eyeballs as jewelry. You might kill and burn my family. You might talk endlessly
at the bottom of the river clinging to your shameful past self, ignorant of language, cut off my nipples, and caress me smiling, like a civil servant. Endless games of pretend
and a wet curtain. Other divers might gaze upon us, grinning as you do with me whatever you wish. Using nonsense words, flailing your arms in nonsense ways.

The 10,000 year-old alligator, tired of speaking, came ashore. It moved lazily, its back overgrown with moss. As it walked it drooled green and red. The afternoon sun was red and unrelenting. That’s when he arrived!

—-The king of a fictional group of islands fires up the islanders for war. He emphasizes the efforts he has made to civilize the islands since he was washed up on their shores, and retraces the history of their transformation.

In time, various people came to the islands, bringing along their respective cultures, languages, and politics. Hakusaburo tries to develop trade in the their sugar cane. Cristóbal and Ranald arrive on a whaling ship. Townsend claims possession of the islands. As the number of immigrants increases and time accelerates, the king insists that he has made a new discovery. The islanders = soldiers do nothing but quiver, it being unclear whether or not they are listening to the king.

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Tour in Japan from 2015 to 2016
Kumamoto December 3rd and 4th 2015 at Hayakawa Warehouse
Kyoto December 17th to 20th at Kyoto Art Center free space
Tokyo January 9th to 17th in 2017 at Waseda Doramakan
Yokohama February 3rd to 8th at ST spot
Mie July 9th and 10th at Mie Bunkakaikan small hall

New York in 2018 Direction:Sarah Hughes Cast:Tony Torn @Segal Theatre

Set design
Michiko Inada
Ryoya Fudetani
Masashi Wada
Kyoko Fujitani(FAIFAI)
Technical director
Eiji Torakawa
English subtitle
Aya Ogawa
Sachiko Uchiyama and Yoko Kawasaki

Produced and Presented by Okazaki Art Theatre and precog